Saturday, March 9, 2013

A link to an article a wonderful local newspaper reporter did about our families journey.

     Well it has been a while since we have posted anything.  In the past few months so much has happened.  There have been absolutely fabulous times and then there have been horrible times. Through all the good and the bad we know that this adoption is meant to be and lies in God's hands and no one else's.
      In October of 2012 we flew to Moscow to meet our little guy.  We had been waiting for this moment for so long.  It made all the paperwork, doctors trips, and fundraising well worth it.  After what seemed like a never-ending flight we arrived in a very cold Moscow. Seeing those blue eyes and bright smile immediately warmed our hearts.  We got to spend several hours a day with him for an entire week.  We played cars, ate goldfish crackers and attempted to color in his new coloring book, we cherished every moment.  We brought him snacks and toys but he mostly wanted to play with my camera and our phones.  After a short week we had to return home to our three girls.  We told Wyatt (That's what his name will be once the adoption is final)  that we will be back for him and that he is now a part of our family.  We even left him a picture book so he can familiarize himself with his sisters that he has yet to meet.
     Once home we raced all over southern California trying to obtain all of our paperwork needed to obtain our court date.  We felt like we had left one of our children in a far off land and we were trying our hardest to get back to him as soon as possible.  Our paperwork was shipped to Russia in mid November and submitted to the courts not long after.  At this point all we are waiting for is our court date.

     Now comes the absolute horrible part.  Towards the end of December the Russian Federation signed a new law that banned American citizens from adopting Russian Orphans, what a heart-break.  Not knowing what this meant for us all we could do is have faith that we will still be able to adopt.  Days have turned into weeks and weeks into months and we still sit here and wait for any bit of encouraging news.  I know there are many families across America that are in the same situation as we are.  We remain confident that both of our governments can come to an agreement to let us finish our adoption.  I cannot imagine not being able to finish.  We refuse to make that an option in our mind.

     Our family has an incredible group of friends and family standing beside us in this journey.  We could not do this without them.  What used to be fundraising meetings have turned into support and information meetings.  Like us everyone wants some sort of answer.  but as of right now we do not have one.  We sit,  we wait, and we pray.  I guess that is all we can do.

Our little guy made the news!!