Samuel's Story

Samuel was born with open spina bifida, which was surgically addressed when he was a newborn.  His mother was told he would never walk, and so she gave him up — but he is starting to walk now and doing quite well.  He recently had a clubfoot surgery and now is in a recovery period.

From a volunteer who visited with him in June 2010:   "I spent a whole day with Samuel yesterday. He is full of charm and charisma. He loves attention, responds to it well and can even be sly about trying to get it. We walked (he walks very well when you hold his hands) one direction and "flew" back, because he would only walk toward the entrance door. At lunch time he wanted to eat on my lap, but his nanny made him mind his manners and put him in his chair. He truly has good table manners and won't spill a drop. I was all admiration. Looking at Samuel and other kids like him, I always wish my own child was that well-behaved and responded as well to the attention of those around him… He is now waiting for a loving family!"

Update in Summer 2011:  He needs some support while walking (holding on something or someone's hand) , his legs are still weak, he can crawl on his knees, can get up and sit unassisted … it is big progress as you know, when he was born, he was diagnosed to be bedridden. As far as concern his incontinence: he can control his bladder ( the volunteer said that he can miss it when he is laughing), but he still can not control bowel movements ( she wrote that in the orphanage has a schedule for him to be placed on a potty and he used to this schedule). This is update on his health before the surgery, which was done last week. The doctors hope for the better and great improvement. Samuel is now in the recovery period. I will keep you posted.
She also wrote that Samuel always looks for a man to be around…all small kids want to be with Mommy but Samuel wants to be with Daddy first….he is a Daddy's boy.  When a man comes to the orphanage, Samuel is the first to meet him and tries to get his attention.

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