Friday, March 2, 2012

Moving ahead

Fingerprints,check....first homestudy visit,check.....things seem to be moving along. When I made the arrangements to get fingerprinted they said it usually take about 6 weeks for the results and so I figured that would give us that much more time to fundraise. Well when I got them done and paid for the guy told me as he was handing me my receipt that it would take 1-2weeks! Well here we are on Friday and we got our clearance yesterday, that makes a grand total of 2 DAYS!!!! Holy Cow!! God apparently has other plans. Our next homestudy visit,and last, is this coming up thursday. This week we will be gathering up the rest of the homestudy paperwork and doing our online parenting classes,who knew we needed 10hrs of classes ater we have had 3 kids haha. So theats our update as of now,keep us in your prayers and spread the word, we need ALL the help we can and money....

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