Monday, February 13, 2012

International Adoption

Well I thought since we are def in the process of trying to adopt sweet little Samuel I should start a blog for just that!

Over the past month it has become obvious that we are being led to adopt. I came across Samuel while I was doing my daily read on our spina bifida support group page and just fell in love. Since having our youngest who also has spina bifida, we have adapted well and our girls have also. I feel that every child should have the chance to thrive and we want to give Sam that chance. The thought of him not having a forever family breaks my heart. We want to be his forever family!

The fundraising for this little guy is in the works and we are so excited to see what God has in store for us


  1. We're excited to journey with you. We'll pray for Samuel, for all of your family, for the officials involved in the process and for all of the people who will be blessed by walking with you on this journey.

  2. We will definitely be praying for you guys.....I can't wait to meet Sam!!!!

  3. what a fabulous story - hope he comes home soon! :)